Infidelity/Domestic Surveillance Investigation

Infidelity/Domestic Surveillance Investigation

What’s really going on while you’re away at work, or out of town?  Who’s coming to your house while you’re away? Where do they actually go when they say they’re going out with friends?  Are they really doing what they say they are?  When a person becomes suspicious of infidelity or lying about activity on the part of another person, it creates stress, anxiety and distrust, and without knowing the facts, it can be very damaging.  You need to know what is really happening to either put an end to the suspicion and distrust, or to confirm your suspicions.  With many years of experience in conducting and directing surveillance, as well as training hundreds of investigators in the art of surveillance investigation, I can develop a solid strategy and conduct an effective infidelity/domestic surveillance investigation that is tailored to your specific needs, so you will know what is actually going on. We’ll conduct a surveillance investigation legally in public places and obtain video footage of the subject’s activities, and we also conduct surveillance within public businesses/establishments using effective hidden camera technology when needed.

I know how critical it is to make sure the subject of an infidelity/domestic surveillance investigation (cheating spouse, child custody)  never becomes aware of the surveillance investigation, and every effort is always made to maintain the highest level of integrity, whether it’s surveillance for a matter that is business-related, divorce or alimony related, child-support or child custody related, or to find out if your significant other may be cheating on you.  I will get you the factual information you need, and provide you with the video/photographic evidence as well as a professionally written report detailing the surveillance efforts and results.

There are many licensed private investigators out there, but unfortunately, the majority of them are poorly trained and fairly incompetent in the conduct of surveillance.  When it comes down to it, the bottom line is the private investigator must be able to get the available evidence in a clear and solid way, and do so without being compromised.  A compromised infidelity/domestic surveillance investigation puts the client in possible jeopardy.  It is critical that you choose a private investigator who can do this effectively.  I have the experience, knowledge, and ability required to be effective at conducting surveillance.

If the situation warrants, GPS tracking technology may be employed if certain legal criteria can be met.

I also have significant experience and knowledge in Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (Bug Sweeping).  Today, anyone can obtain and use a GPS tracking device or listening device (GSM, FM, etc.) with little-to-no skill or knowledge.  Although often illegal (depends on WHO deploys the device, WHERE it’s deployed, and WHAT it does), it’s happening more and more often these days due to the ease with which these devices can be obtained.  I have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to detect and locate such devices in your home, car, or workplace.

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