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Background / Internet / Intelligence Gathering / Social Media

Through my many years of experience in obtaining information and gathering intelligence, and my being in the position of Director of Intelligence for a nationwide private investigation agency, I have the knowledge, skills, and ability to “dig up” hard to find information, and to obtain information routinely missed by others.  Whether it’s a background investigation, an Internet presence investigation, intelligence investigations for business or personal use, intelligence investigations to confirm identity or information on a significant or potential significant other, or social media investigations, I’ve repeatedly proven that a highly-skilled investigator with technical knowledge and abilities will always get more information and better results than an automated algorithm program or a non-skilled person searching for information online.

Intelligence Investigations include all available criminal and civil records available online (public and private database information),  a name accuracy check, photos of the claimant (if available), possible employers, current/probable current address, address history, current phone number check, possible email addresses, current vehicle registrations (where available) or vehicles possibly associated with the current address, complete social media and Internet searches, incarceration check, current property records, business affiliations, professional licenses, and spouse/significant other information.

Note:  I do not conduct background investigations for FCRA purposes (i.e., Pre-employment screening, tenant screening, insurance underwriting determinations, or any credit-related purposes.)

An Employment Check/Verification includes a discreet, thorough investigation to not only find possible employment of a subject, but also the confirmation of the subject’s employment (when possible).

Criminal Cold Case Investigation

Cold cases are cases that were once actively investigated by a law enforcement agency, but the leads in that case  have “dried up” and the law enforcement agency has had to put the case on hold.  Many times this is where an investigation remains and never moves forward.  The law enforcement agency has many other cold cases open as well as new cases on which they have to focus, and your case might just end up gathering dust in a file cabinet. This is where I come in.  If I accept your cold case investigation, I won’t have any other cold cases to divide my attention, as I will only accept one cold case at a time. I will be able to focus on the investigation, follow up on known leads and develop new leads, identify and find possible witnesses or persons with knowledge of the matter that were missed, and keep your case from dying, giving you a fighting chance to know what actually happened.

General/Unusual Investigations/Scene Investigation/Recorded Statements

If you have a “general” type investigation, or an unusual type of situation and you need an investigation conducted, I can professionally conduct the investigation, and it’s likely that you’ll get a lot more than you requested.   If you need a scene investigation and/or recorded statements, I am also well-versed and very experienced in this type of investigation, and I’ll get you what you need.

Criminal/Civil Investigations

If you have been charged with a serious crime and want an investigation conducted for YOUR side of the case, there’s no one better than me. Not only can I professionally and thoroughly conduct the investigation, but as a former police lieutenant, I am very knowledgeable about obtaining information and evidence, how to preserve the information and evidence, and how to present it in court. If you are dealing with a civil matter and need information and/or evidence for YOUR side of the case, again, I’m the one you need to conduct your investigation.

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