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Most licensed private investigators have access to information which is not available to the general public, so hiring a private investigator to find someone makes perfect sense. But even with the latest technology and available database information, actually finding a person can be very challenging, and even more so if they are trying to not be found.  This is where I have proven time and again that I have skills far beyond even the better private investigators’ abilities.

There are many reasons why someone would hire a private investigator to conduct a locate investigation, and the reason for the locate investigation dictates how the investigation is conducted.

Simple Locates

Simple locates are billed at $100 (plus sales tax, if applicable). If a client wants to reconnect with a friend, lost love or relative, past associate, etc, this is a Simple Locate. It’s a nationwide service, and can usually be completed within 2 business days. This is not just the “most recently reported address”, but an actual investigation to determine the current location of the subject, and I will attempt to make contact with the subject.

Advanced Locates

Advanced locates are billed at a flat rate or an hourly rate, based on the specifics of the case and the situation.  If the subject of the investigation is a missing person or runaway, a witness or victim, or a person hiding from a legal responsibility, this is an Advanced Locate, and I am one of the best in the business at doing this.

I have extensive locate experience, and my knowledge, skill, and expertise is far beyond the norm.  I have been hired to find people who have been homeless for years, or people who have been “off the grid” for years, and I successfully found them.  If you need to find someone, give me the chance to find them for you.

Google Reviews:

“I highly recommend this service. Do yourself a favor if you are searching for a private investigator and call him first! Mr. Parnell was able to reconnect me with a cherished family member that I had not seen for over ten years within one day!! He is responsive, professional, and empathetic. I am more than pleased with the service and would not hesitate to hire him again.”

-Maria Lewellyn

“I contacted Suncoast Investigations PLLC. Spoke with the investigator. i was really concerned if this was Legitimate, and price wise i think it should be half up front and half later after person has been found but he charges a one time minimal fee that was agreeable because i truly wanted and needed to find my lost person. But I have to inform all of you that Mr. Parnell was very professional and he Did locate the person i was looking for VERY QUICKLY! and got us back in touch. I have been speaking with him everyday since we got each others information and planning a trip to go see him. This service was well worth it and it isn’t / wasn’t a Scam. If i need to in the future Locate someone I Would Call him back. AA”

-Ada A.

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