You’ve heard of the saying, “time flies.” The busy nature of everyday life often catches us by surprise, and in no other area of life does that impact us like it does when it comes to relationships.

Old friends, distant relatives and acquaintances from work and school often get lost in the shuffle when life goes by, and one day we wake up and think, “I wonder whatever happened to him.”  Losing touch with old friends is nothing new. And while finding them in today’s world could be easier than ever, it still can prove extremely challenging finding that special someone you’ve lost touch with.

Whether it’s a woman who has likely married and her last name has changed or people who have moved great distances and left the social circles they once held dear, locating that lost loved one or special friend is not always so easy. Once you’ve exhausted Internet and social media searches and turned up nothing, getting help from a professional can be a key to making that connection from your past.

Michael Parnell offers a vast network of investigative resources for locating individuals you want to find. And with 20 years of experience in the field, he has developed a strong track-record of success, with a wealth of satisfied clients to show for it.

If you are having difficulty finding a lost connection you once had or locating an acquaintance you would love to reconnect with, call  (727) 213-8956 and learn more about how Suncoast Investigations can help.