You’ve heard of the saying, “time flies.” The busy nature of everyday life often catches us by surprise, and in no other area of life does that impact us like it does when it comes to relationships.

Old friends, distant relatives and acquaintances from work and school often get lost in the shuffle when life goes by, and one day we wake up and think, “I wonder whatever happened to him.”  Losing touch with old friends is nothing new. And while finding them in today’s world could be easier than ever, it still can prove extremely challenging finding that special someone you’ve lost touch with.

Whether it’s a woman who has likely married and her last name has changed or people who have moved great distances and left the social circles they once held dear, locating that lost loved one or special friend is not always so easy. Once you’ve exhausted Internet and social media searches and turned up nothing, getting help from a professional can be a key to making that connection from your past.

Michael Parnell offers a vast network of investigative resources for locating individuals you want to find. And with 20 years of experience in the field, he has developed a strong track-record of success, with a wealth of satisfied clients to show for it.

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Marriage and relationships often hit rough patches, and when they do, some people instantly assume their spouse may be unfaithful. But just because a couple experiences normal pressures, including complacency and external stressors (like financial pressures, job/career problems, etc.), it doesn’t necessarily mean your partner is cheating. Human beings often have “tells” that indicate dishonesty, duplicity, and unfaithful behavior. Don’t accuse your mate without being sure there is some tooth to your assertion. Without solid proof or support of some kind, you may be adding fuel to the fire that is endangering your relationship.

These 5 signs may clue you in to whether you have a valid reason to suspect your mate:

  • Suddenly Unavailable: If your once reliable mate has suddenly become often unavailable, it may be a sign they are making time for some other activity they are hiding from you. If your spouse is going to be unfaithful, they need to make time for it. If a rigid daily schedule keeps them occupied, they’ll have to make time for it during the time they would normally spend with you. If your mate is suddenly unreachable during those hours, that could be a sign they are up to something.
  • Decreased Interest in Intimacy: Relationships often experience lulls in romantic interaction. Specifically, the sex drive can wane over time for any couple. When your mate suddenly becomes disinterested, or rebuffs your own advances, that may be a significant signal that their interests lie elsewhere. Sex with another partner may drain your mate’s interest in you. And as difficult as it may be to hear, if your spouse has fallen in love with a new partner, they may feel a loyalty to their new love interest, preventing them from intimacy with you.
  • New sexual interests: Think back to when you first met your mate. It’s likely that the excitement of a new relationship created avenues for experimentation and heightened sexual activity. Whether it began when you were dating or on your honeymoon, a new sexual relationship leads to increased sexual activity and experimentation. Often, a new love affair outside of a marriage can lead to revived interest in sex within the marriage. Increase in testosterone for a husband or the overall drive and excitement in a revived sexual life for a wife can cause your mate to suddenly explore new things in the bedroom with you, practice new techniques they have learned or simply burn off some of the added excitement the new relationship has generated.
  • Overly Defensive: Often when a person is cheating, they exhibit symptoms of internal guilt. One way that manifests is overly defensive behavior. They often clue you in to their duplicity by underscoring it before you do. For example, you may ask where they were when you called earlier and received no answer, and their response out of the clear blue may be to ACCUSE YOU OF ACCUSING THEM OF CHEATING, when you made no such assertion. Out-of-place defensive behavior can be a telltale sign that your mate is up to something they don’t want you to know about, and it may be an extramarital affair.
  • Secretive Behavior: If your spouse suddenly becomes quite protective their phone; if they step outside or into another room to answer and/or talk on the phone; if they start leaving the house randomly and suddenly with a flimsy reason as explanation; if they begin to exhibit strange body language when in the presence of a new “friend”; if they avoid bringing you around new friends or co-workers, they may be engaging in an extra-marital affair. Of course, there could be other reasons for their behavior, but if you feel there is something “up”, and you feel quite certain something is wrong, this is when you may need to hire a private investigator to get you the answers, the truth.

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When you have been unable to reach someone dear to you for an extended period of time, it can quickly become a tense and terse situation fraught with anxiety and fear. Your mind races and you often imagine the worst-case-scenarios, which can cause you to panic. But many times missing person cases don’t actually involve missing persons. It’s important to take the steps necessary to identify what you’re dealing with before panicking, but also to act with expedience when something has gone awry to ensure the best outcome possible.

  • Determine What is Really Going On: Is cutting off communication a common behavior for this individual? Have they gone “off-the-grid” for a period in the past only to turn up later being “just fine”? People do sometimes cut off communication and contact from others, and the reasons for this behavior can widely vary. You should try to discern whether this is part of their known pattern. If it is not a norm in their history, then you should consider taking additional steps.
  • Actions You Can Take: Contact known friends, associates, and neighbors of the person. Contact area hospitals if you believe your loved one may have been in an accident.
  • Call the Authorities: It is important to determine when it is appropriate to call the authorities, and when it is not. This can be very difficult to know, but if your loved one is not at home or work and cannot be located in any of the places they would normally be; if no one can reach them or get a response to calls, emails, or text messages, it may be time to notify the authorities.
  • If you feel it may be time to notify the local authorities (police, sheriff’s office), make sure you have as much information as possible about the person. Information you should provide will include: recent photographs of the loved one (if available), vehicle description (and tag number if known), any and all known telephone numbers, known email addresses, a complete description, employer name and location, identifying characteristics, any known medical conditions and/or medications they are taking, any nicknames, places and businesses they frequent, last known location and activities, any known relationships, and any information known about upcoming activities (appointments, events in which they would be interested, etc.). It can also be extremely helpful for you to provide an assessment of the person’s emotional state if known. The more information the better. National Missing Persons System (NamUS – This is a national database established in 2007 that matches reports of missing persons with persons who are deceased and have not yet been unidentified. If you aren’t sure whether the authorities have submitted your missing person report to NamUS, you can upload it yourself once you have a police report number and a report.
  • The Doe Network: (International Center for Unidentified and Missing Persons – ): The Doe Network is a 100% volunteer organization devoted to assisting investigating agencies in bringing closure to national and international cold cases concerning Missing & Unidentified Persons. They are NOT private investigators.
  • Contact a Professional: An experienced private investigator can place directed, ongoing attention to your specific case, and the private investigator has access to wide array of resources and information, some of which is not available to the public. It’s important to file a police report, but you should know that realistically police have limited time to investigate your case, as they have a constantly replenishing backlog of many other cases and law enforcement matters with which they have to share their attention and focus. A private detective can be dedicated to and focused on your case.

If you need to locate a loved one, contact Michael Parnell. He is very well known for his abilities to find people, and he has a proven, successful track record, with more than 20 years of investigation experience. Call Suncoast Investigations, PLLC at  (727) 213-8956 to take the first step toward finding your loved one.