Marriage and relationships often hit rough patches, and when they do, some people instantly assume their spouse may be unfaithful. But just because a couple experiences normal pressures, including complacency and external stressors (like financial pressures, job/career problems, etc.), it doesn’t necessarily mean your partner is cheating. Human beings often have “tells” that indicate dishonesty, duplicity, and unfaithful behavior. Don’t accuse your mate without being sure there is some tooth to your assertion. Without solid proof or support of some kind, you may be adding fuel to the fire that is endangering your relationship.

These 5 signs may clue you in to whether you have a valid reason to suspect your mate:

  • Suddenly Unavailable: If your once reliable mate has suddenly become often unavailable, it may be a sign they are making time for some other activity they are hiding from you. If your spouse is going to be unfaithful, they need to make time for it. If a rigid daily schedule keeps them occupied, they’ll have to make time for it during the time they would normally spend with you. If your mate is suddenly unreachable during those hours, that could be a sign they are up to something.
  • Decreased Interest in Intimacy: Relationships often experience lulls in romantic interaction. Specifically, the sex drive can wane over time for any couple. When your mate suddenly becomes disinterested, or rebuffs your own advances, that may be a significant signal that their interests lie elsewhere. Sex with another partner may drain your mate’s interest in you. And as difficult as it may be to hear, if your spouse has fallen in love with a new partner, they may feel a loyalty to their new love interest, preventing them from intimacy with you.
  • New sexual interests: Think back to when you first met your mate. It’s likely that the excitement of a new relationship created avenues for experimentation and heightened sexual activity. Whether it began when you were dating or on your honeymoon, a new sexual relationship leads to increased sexual activity and experimentation. Often, a new love affair outside of a marriage can lead to revived interest in sex within the marriage. Increase in testosterone for a husband or the overall drive and excitement in a revived sexual life for a wife can cause your mate to suddenly explore new things in the bedroom with you, practice new techniques they have learned or simply burn off some of the added excitement the new relationship has generated.
  • Overly Defensive: Often when a person is cheating, they exhibit symptoms of internal guilt. One way that manifests is overly defensive behavior. They often clue you in to their duplicity by underscoring it before you do. For example, you may ask where they were when you called earlier and received no answer, and their response out of the clear blue may be to ACCUSE YOU OF ACCUSING THEM OF CHEATING, when you made no such assertion. Out-of-place defensive behavior can be a telltale sign that your mate is up to something they don’t want you to know about, and it may be an extramarital affair.
  • Secretive Behavior: If your spouse suddenly becomes quite protective their phone; if they step outside or into another room to answer and/or talk on the phone; if they start leaving the house randomly and suddenly with a flimsy reason as explanation; if they begin to exhibit strange body language when in the presence of a new “friend”; if they avoid bringing you around new friends or co-workers, they may be engaging in an extra-marital affair. Of course, there could be other reasons for their behavior, but if you feel there is something “up”, and you feel quite certain something is wrong, this is when you may need to hire a private investigator to get you the answers, the truth.

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